Tuesday, August 7, 2012

how to walk through the unknown

may God, the source of hope, fill you completely with joy and peace as you continue trusting, so that by the power of the Holy Spirit you may overflow with hope.  romans 15:13

day by day, step by step, yes by yes - we go on in trusting God.  we walk the path that is directly before us.  even if the way seems dark all around us and there is so much uncertainty and so much unknown... fear is not our friend.  trusting in Him, over and over again, is the only way.

my faith feels weak so many times.  my trust seems shaky so often.  but i resolve myself to turn my eyes towards Jesus and let Him fill me with joy overflowing... peace that overcomes... hope that is unshakeable. 

just because people choose to speak out the things that they are thankful for doesn't mean they have it all together, or even think that they do.  it may simply mean they are choosing, once again right here and now, to trust in God with their words and in their actions.  it may mean that they choose to remember all He has given them to silence the voice of grumbling and complaining that threatens to rear its ugly head and cause them to deny His lordship and grasp for their own control.

all we can see is the outward appearance, but God sees straight to the heart. 

i choose to recognize His faithfulness and to remind myself again and again of all that has come from His hand and not question all that i do not know right now.  if He has been faithful in so many ways, He will be faithful again.  even in the unknown we can walk with confidence because of whose hand we hold.

God would not give the darkness
if He thought we could handle the light
but we would not cling to His guiding hand
if the way were always bright
and we would not choose to walk by faith
could we always walk by sight.

still counting gifts to 1000...

704 - 734:

704. a house to clean.

705. opportunity to be a stay at home mom and supplement our income teaching piano.

706. simeon making so much progress in swimming lessons and actually loving the water now - far cry from the start of the summer!

707. going in on a local raised grass fed steer for meat next summer!

708. new swim suit that fits on clearance.

709. leftovers for lunch.

710. beet brownies.

711. the art of downsizing.

712. the opportunity to teach my kids piano and getting to relate musically to them.

713. making gifts for so many upcoming baby showers!

714. a solid relationship with my mom and dad.

715. kids who pray with faith.

716. He arose from the grave... and i will rise too.

717. God opening doors before us.

718. the new craft of making jam.

719. free berries for reusing old berry baskets.

720. donut peaches.

721. preserving summer fruit for fall and winter.

722. self striping yarn.

723. seeing my cousin after a year and a half of missing her.

724. fresh eggs for breakfast almost every day.

725. places to swim when it is hot.

726. simeon's new sentences every day.

727. reminders to pray every time i see a blooming crepe myrtle tree.

728. a hard afternoon ending with a much better night.

729. free fruit from a friend's bounty.

730. sunday afternoons at my parents' house.

731. a go fish game with my older 3 boys while the little ones napped.

732. faith is simply continued trust in the Trustworthy One.

733. a husband who really is my friend.

734. He is our Source of hope.

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photo used with permission by garrison photo on stock.xchng
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