Friday, March 2, 2012


word for the day: ache


i have never met you, but i think about you often.  sometimes, when it is late at night and i am lying awake in my bed or when i am walking around the quiet neighborhood by myself and my mind is allowed to silently wander, i think about all our days together.  i know that you are not perfect, for of course you are only a broken human just like me.  but there is something about you that will not let my heart go.

when i think of you my eyes fill with tears.  my throat chokes and words are pointless.  my heart and my arms ache.

you are right beyond the horizon.  i believe you wait for me and i try to wait for you.  it is hard sometimes.  i can almost see your eyes looking into mine at times and i have so many unanswered questions that seem left hanging.


my heart joins with the cry of hannah and i say, Lord, when?  when will you give to me...?

and i walk the tight rope of living a life thankful for what i have right before me and a heart that aches for what i cannot let go of - the hope of you.

someday i hope this ache will be filled with tears of joy at seeing your face after such a long time of waiting.

i love you.


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