Monday, March 26, 2012

a little bit of real life (and my 37.5 week maternity pics!)

i am sitting at starbucks studying the bible, working on some blog posts, and basically avoiding all the germs in my house that are swirling around my family right now.  and because of this... you get to enjoy a blog post from me filled with my maternity pictures.  enjoy.

i was kicked out of the house this morning by my caring and thoughtful husband.  he took the day off to care for our 3 sick kids (and the lone non-sick one).  he knows how prone i am to catch stomach bugs and doesn't want me to catch this one with being so close to having our new little one.  three weeks ago i had food poisoning and it induced painful contractions that i prayed to go away.  this is not the way i would like to go into labor.  God, i am trusting Your perfect timing and that You know all things.  when i do not understand the timing, i trust that You know the timing and Your hand is upholding me and those i care about.

though i am still 2.5 weeks out from the due date, the impending arrival of this new little guy is all so real due to my sister-in-law's waters breaking 2 weeks and 5 days early this past week and her having her beautiful little daughter much earlier than she was anticipating.  wow.  we were only due 2 days apart!  i could have this little guy anytime now really, though so much of me doesn't feel ready and would like him to wait.  just wait until this sickness is out of my house, please!

my wonderful sister took maternity pictures of my 37.5 week belly yesterday during a brief pause in the pouring rain that has been here for about a week and will stay a week or so longer.  she did a great job and i love the documentation of this 5th pregnancy.  though she is not a professional photographer, i would say she is pretty good at it.  but, then again, she is pretty good at anything she puts her hand to - she is just like that in being creative and all.

you want to know something?  real life is not always fun and exciting.  sometimes it is drudgery and full of sickness and a lot of no fun things.  i remind myself to keep my eyes on Him and to acknowledge His activity and upholding of my life.  He really is so faithful even in the midst of the hard things we go through and the difficult days.  we just have to choose to take our eyes off of ourselves and put them back on Him.  (please tell me i am not the only one who needs this reminder so often?!)
dark can give birth to life, suffering can deliver grace, the ugly can be beautiful.  God transfigures everything for His glory. ann voskamp

so, what do you think of the maternity photo shoot?

i am enjoying these pictures while i can because sooner than later i will be posting some newborn pictures for all of you to enjoy!  isn't that wild?

still counting gifts to 1000...

584 - 601:

584. tears before the Lord during prayer for His help.  He cares.

585. warm tea and honey for a sore throat.

586. practice contractions.

587. clean laundry to process.

588. uriah's 1st piano lesson.

589. garlic oil for little hurting ears.

590. a new niece born this week 2 weeks and 5 days early... and perfect.

591. all the kids' books newly organized (by the hubs and the kids).

592. a wonderful husband who sent me away while the stomach flu took over our house and is cleaning everything to try to protect me and the unborn baby from these germs.

593. my sweet and talented sister (not sister-in-law this time, she was the one who had the early baby!) who took my maternity pictures for me at 37.5 weeks along!

594. growing anticipation to meet this little one within me.

595. the Lord's perfect timing and that i can trust Him though i do not understand.

596. surviving the 1st soccer game in the freezing rain and the 1 year old screaming for 40 minutes straight (my 1 year old).

597. reading isaiah 37 and being blown away by the Lord's deliverance of His people.  when He was so faithful to literally fulfilling the short term prophesies, we can trust Him to be faithful to literally fulfill the long term ones we haven't seen come to pass yet!  so exciting!

598. listening to kevin prosch in starbuck in my ear buds.

599. the best midwife that i trust to take care of me when i have this baby.

600. a washing machine to clean all the germy articles in my house.

601. forced time to be by myself.

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