Friday, October 17, 2014

day 17: our thankful journal

we keep a thankful journal as a family. we don't write in it every day. we take it out probably about once a week to once every other week and pick one person to be our scribe. then we go around in a circle and each of us says something that we are thankful for. i wanted this to be more than just practicing gratitude, but really directing it as worship and thanks to God. i tell the kids to tell the Lord what they are thankful for, and when the rest of us hear them give thanks it stirs worship and thanks in our hearts towards Him too.

this is a simple way our family tries to incorporate giving God thanks into our worship times and into our lives and heart attitudes.

how do you incorporate giving thanks into your family or daily life?


want to read more of my 31 days of thanks? just click on the box below - it is that simple.

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