Wednesday, October 29, 2014

day 28: a mama's boy

it is uriah's turn!
  • he is such a fun kid! i love how his eyes twinkle when he laughs and when he cries.
  • he is so ultra focused on anything he is doing and he does everything with 110% effort.
  • everything is about speed with this boy. 
  • he is forever a mama's boy - such a sweet spot in my heart for his lovey ways and his deep attachment to his mama. he still thinks he will never marry but be with mommy forever.
  • he is so incredibly artistic and musical - i am often surprised at what he produces creatively.
  • he is so boyish boy, but he isn't afraid of having girl friends or doing "girl" activities like making a rag doll or stringing beads in a co-op class. in fact, he really enjoys it. he love to cook. he wants me to teach him how to knit. and yet, he is so rough and tumble and a filthy dirty boy. dirty feet all the time. he is quite a paradox and i love it.
  • he loves to lead worship. when in kindergarten and asked what he wanted to do when he grew up he said be a preacher... i think he very well may, but i know he will always lead worship.


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