Wednesday, October 22, 2014

day 22: interruptions

i have several ideas of what to write swirling around in my head. i have a couple half written posts, but sometimes life, lack of inspiration, or simply the difficulty of typing this one-handed gets in the way.

yet, to stay with the theme of 31 days of thanks, i am thankful tonight for my life that gets in the way. my days are filled with good things like noisy kids, warm bowls of potato cheddar soup, and blue storage containers of hand-me-downs of the next size clothing for a growing two year old. i may not have inspiration, but i have written for 22 days straight after having nothing i wanted to even attempt to type out for 8 months. i must type this post one-handed because my beautiful baby girl sleeps in my other arm - the baby girl i prayed for since i was a young girl and who i started to doubt i would ever actually meet.

so, thanks for these welcome interruptions to my attempt to be a writer. there are so many things going right, far more than i deserve, so i will stop there and say good night. i pray the Lord showers you with blessings that interrupt your well laid out plans.


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