Sunday, October 26, 2014

day 25: beloved son

i know i write about my kids a lot, but as a mom of 6 they are a huge part of my world. i am watching my #3 son david creating on our hardwood oak living room floor and i am thinking of so much thanks i can give to God for him.

  • he was a surprise baby who came at a time that i didn't think i could handle being pregnant or adding to our family... and he came in God's perfect timing. i really couldn't have planned the timing better, and God knew that and gave me david as such a treasure. he was the easiest, most content baby.
  • he is my only brown haired child. this gives him an unique look, even though i see a lot of his older brother asher in him. 
  • he is fearless and yet very calculated in the risks he takes. 
  • he can make our baby girl laugh easier than anyone else - he has a special way that i haven't figured out how to duplicate.
  • he is a no nonsense kind of guy. you aren't going to be left guessing with him, as he has no pretense or game playing about him. if he gives you a compliment or does something especially thoughtful, it is genuine.
  • he has my color green eyes exactly, and i just love it.
  • he has the cutest round fat freckles that look painted on - they are endearing.
  • just like his namesake, king david, he is a worshiping warrior - so fierce and strong and yet so tender and sings spontaneous songs to Jesus all day long.


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