Wednesday, October 1, 2014

day 1: 31 days of thanks... and a simple woman's daybook

 photo 31daysofthanksbutton_zpsecacaf4e.jpgi took a long break from blogging - 8 months actually! it was a much needed break. i never intended for it to be so long, but it ended up being the space that my soul was needing. i am back!

my intention is to join in the nester's 31 day blogging challenge. pretty ambitious after a 8 month blogging break? maybe so. but it might just be the nudge i need back into the world of writing.

my 31 days will be 31 days of thanks. redirecting my heart to give thanks in all things is one of the most important things the Lord has taught me over the past couple years. however, i am starting my 31 days off with a simple woman's daybook, so you and i can get reacquainted. 

for today:

picture for the day:

this little love of my life is a dream come true.
she is a gift that my heart gives thanks for many times a day.
hadassah grace
may 23, 2014
8 lbs 8 oz
21.5 in

outside my window... the leaves are rustling in the wind. the very tops of the green trees are just beginning to show their true colors of burgundy, amber, and gold. clear blue skies are bright with the autumn sun.

i am thinking... about this 31 day blogging challenge. it is intimidating to be perfectly honest. i have been so far from the world of blogging, and many other things have filled my off screen life, that i may fail at completing every single day. i think i can do it if i keep it short and sweet with acknowledging His activity and giving Him thanks.

i am thankful... my beautiful baby girl. she is like a baby doll - often i have walked in to see her sleeping and momentarily thought she was a doll. she is the promise that i laid down before the Lord. she is the sweet and creamy frosting on top of my beautiful family of 5 little boys. she is worth all the waiting and the tears and the questions of if she would come. i would do all the painful journey all over again to have her here for a time such as this - sweet hadassah grace.

remembering... how all the journey is worth it. in the middle of journey we often misunderstand what God is working into our hearts in the process of walking out a life of trust and leaning. oh if i could just have perfect perspective in the middle of the stumbling steps that seem murky and dark! this is what my heart yearns for - thankfulness in the present stretching and struggle because i know my God has good plans for me.
from the learning rooms... this is home school year 2.0 for this family. my desire is to have a redo at last year. i have no idea if this is a long term plan of education for our family, or if it is just the present circumstance the Lord has us in. i do hope to have the fruit of this year be connection and fun filled learning. i also hope to be found faithful before the Lord in this time of learning from the living room couch and dining room table.

from the kitchen... i am on a journey of learning fermentation. i have always loved real traditional foods and imagined my utopia world being one very similar to the little house series (minus their hardships, right?!). right now i have yogurt and milk kefir culturing on the counter, and home-pickled radishes, jalapeƱos, and garlic in the fridge. praying that the hubby is blessed with a buck again this year. last year a freezer full of venison was such a blessing and treat.
i am wearing... jean cutoffs, a pink 3/4 sleeve sweatshirt, and leather flip flops, with my hair back in my signature pony. 

i am creating... a few baby girl things for a baby shower i am attending this weekend. i love to celebrate new life and be able to give from the work of my hands.

i am going... home after this sweet short retreat at the coffee shop. my dear hubby home schools the kids on wednesday mornings, while keeping baby girl as well, so i can have a few moments to hear my own thoughts.

i am reading... my grandma's writings about her life and family history. it is fascinating. she isn't finished, but i am enjoying all the stories - some i have heard before and some that are completely new to me. every one should journal about their lives - we all have so much to share and so many stories and reflections to tell.

i am hoping... that we find a home to rent that is a little bigger than the one we own. we have lived in our little house for the past 11 years, far longer than i ever thought we would, and have been so blessed to have made so many rich memories in its wall. but, with 6 kids, we could use a little bit of stretching room. i am learning patience as the Lord purposes to bring us exactly the place He has for us to live next. i know i will have many tears when we start the next chapter because of the rich life we have lived out in this house, so i am trying to stay thankful and present in this whole process.

i am hearing... the kansas city prayer room in my ear buds.

around the house... we are working on so many little things to get our house ready to rent out - bill spent over 20 hours redoing all the plumbing and wiring of our sprinklers (not what he anticipated, but we go with the flow, right?). the kitchen cabinets are half repainted, our room has fresh paint, and a pipe that had broken under the house is now repaired. we still have a lot to do, but the items are being crossed off the to do list.
one of my favorite things... is the quiet in the house after all the kids are in bed.

pondering... how to live a life of trust with all of my being.

a few plans for the rest of the week: we have co-op tomorrow. i am teaching an art class of 1st and 2nd graders and an ancient history class that is 3rd-6th, and then i get to be a helper in a sensory class with preschoolers and in a class for older elementary on prairie primer, based on the little house series. co-op is fun and full this year, as well as taking every bit of my energy and focus leaving me a bit overstimulated when we get home. the kids love it - they look forward to it all week, and i enjoy the adult interaction as well. it is our second year with this group of families and i feel like i am starting to build relationships that i look forward to growing.

i am linked up with other lovely ladies at the simple woman's daybook.  

i will see you again tomorrow, i suppose! i would love to hear from you in the comments. it has been a long time my friends, but i am happy to be back.

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