Thursday, October 2, 2014

day 2: the journey

today i am thankful for the journey. you want to know something? a lot of times the journey scares me.

sometimes i am slow to walk ahead. sometimes i stumble my way along, seemingly blinded by the darkness. so many times all i can see is literally the step that is right before me. and you know what? i am learning to be okay with that.

my feeble, weak, slow attempt to follow counts. He is patient with me. He has given me strength that i never thought i could have and He will continue to give enough grace for each present moment - both the beautiful and the ugly.

there has been pain and there have been shadows, but i am just starting to see some light up ahead. right now, however, i want to look around and just be. i want to be present and okay with who i am and where i am, where i am going and where i have been.


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