Tuesday, October 7, 2014

day 7: giving thanks is a choice

today is a reminder of why i am doing this writing challenge on thanks. i feel as if i have nothing to say, i am so utterly drained and apathetic. however, i want my heart vibrant and alive! i want to give thanks to God in all things - to recognize and appreciate His activity in every part of my life.

so right now i am thankful that there is new strength for each new day. i am thankful that my emotions are not my boss and that they do change. i am thankful that writing when i don't feel like it will bear fruit that i can't see right now. i am thankful that i don't have to always feel inspired or be inspiring.

i am thankful for silly little things like bright pink nail polish on my fingers and a hot cup of tea next to my side. i am thankful for this day that God has given me, even when my emotions don't line up and i have to choose to be present.

giving thanks is a choice. it doesn't always overflow naturally. but i am hoping that the more i give thanks, the more naturally it will overflow on the days i am not feeling it. even moreso, i am hoping that the more i give thanks, the more my feelings will follow.


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