Saturday, October 18, 2014

day 18: my firstborn

this is going to be brief because i waited until 9:33pm to even start this post. today i am giving thanks that i have an oldest son named asher.

  • i prayed for my son named asher since i was a young teenager and sometimes i still can't believe i have him.
  • he is an amazing older brother to his 5 younger siblings - he loves them, protects them, is kind to them, serves them, and defends them. 
  • he has a tender heart towards the Lord.
  • i love to watch him lead worship from the piano.
  • he has a really great sense of humor.
  • he is my boy twin who is 24 years younger than me.
  • he is so affectionate and loves to talk to his mama. he sat on my lap the other night - taking up my entire lap. 
  • he will always be my baby, even though he is growing up to a wonderful young man and can already lift me (and i can't hold him anymore!)
  • he is a great leader - not the bossy type, but the type that encourages others to be their very best and helps them get there.
  • he made me a mom.


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