Friday, October 24, 2014

day 23: for the rest of my days

tonight i am thankful for the mercy of God. i am a broken imperfect person. i have nothing in myself that could earn the love of our perfect Creator and Father. i mess up so many times. i say things i wish i hadn't said, and don't say the things i wish i would have said. i get angry. i get sad and wallow in self-pity. i get boastful and arrogant thinking i am somehow better than someone else. i get incredibly self-focused and self-absorbed. i often think my way is the best way. i think too much about gaining the approval of those around me. i mess up even when i am trying my very best to do right and hurt others unknowingly and accidentally.

and yet, God in His abundant mercy forgives all my faults, short-comings, and blatant sin when i admit my need for a Savior. what a beautiful reality that my salvation isn't up to me! how sweet is the merciful love of God? how can i resist giving Him thanks at the top of my lungs, with every breath, for the rest of my days?!


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