Tuesday, October 28, 2014

day 27: my youngest little man

giving thanks for my little hosea justus today:

  • he is sweet as sugar - i call him my sugar baby. his smile and twinkling eyes can melt me in an instant.
  • he is fierce and loves to fight more than any of my other boys - he constantly plays david and goliath. he walks around the house as goliath yelling, "who will fight me today?!"
  • i thought i only wanted 4 kids - he is number 5, number 5 boy nonetheless, and he is seriously like icing on the top of the cake. i cannot imagine life without him and all he has brought to make my life fuller. God gave me such a sweet gift when He gave me our little "zeƤ." 
  • at only 2 years old, he already loves to pray. he starts every prayer out with, "Lord, i thank you that..." and he truly does thank the Lord for things and pray about real burdens on his heart. it is amazing what a 2 year old can really grasp.
  • he reminds me so much of asher at this age - i feel like i am reliving 8 years ago and that is so much fun.
  • he is a cuddle bug.
  • God really met me in an intimate and incredible way during his birth.


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